Self Storage FAQ

What do I need to rent a storage unit? A valid photo id and credit or debit card for payment. You will also be asked basic questions including contact information, co-owner information, etc.  when completing your rental form.

What are your hours? We do not have regular office hours but are available by phone any time of day. If calling on weekends or after 5pm please leave a voicemail or send us a text message. The easiest and fastest way to rent storage is to visit the Rent Storage page of our website.

What size unit do I need? See the Unit Size Guide section of our website for a detailed description and pictures of our available unit sizes. If you rent a unit and decide the size is not right for you, we can switch your rental to another size before you move in (pending availability).

If I rent online how soon will I have access to my unit? For security reasons all vacant units are kept locked. If you rent your unit during regular business hours (8am-4:30pm, M-F), your unit will be unlocked within a couple hours and you will be notified once it is ready. If you reserved your unit after hours or on the weekend your unit will be unlocked within 24 hours of reservation. If you need immediate access to your unit please call us. If calling on a weekend please leave a voicemail.
The facility is gated and fenced. How do I get in if no one is working? When you rent a unit online you will be given a unique gate code (see our rental instructions email or login to the website to view your gate code and rental information). When you arrive there will be a keypad to open the gate. To exit the facility there is a second keypad inside the facility to open the gate to leave. The same code will work at both keypads.

How does your billing and proration work? All rentals are billed on the 1st of the month. If you rent your unit any date other than the first of the month, you will be charged a full months rent upon rental and a prorated rent amount will be due on the following 1st of the month. We do not prorate the last month of the rental.

Does Store All Self Storage’s insurance cover the items in my unit? NO, the facilities insurance covers the structure itself but not the contents of your unit. We do offer tenant insurance through our website (which can be added at any point in your rental process) and you can check with your personal insurance agent (homeowners, renters, auto insurance) to see if the items in your unit are already covered under your own policy.

How safe are my items at Store All Self Storage? We pride ourselves on prioritizing the security of our facility. We have security cameras and lighting throughout the facility. Our facility is completely fenced with reinforced metal around the portions of the fence not visible from the street. And we continue to make improvement to our security. Despite all of this break-ins are always a possibility at any facility. This is why we urge you to use a disc lock on your unit at all times and to make sure your items are insured either through tenant protection available on our website or through your homeowners, renters, or auto insurance. We have disc locks for sale for $15 (including tax) or you can find them at most hardware or big box stores or online. 

What can I store in my unit? Depending on the size you’re renting, our units are great for furniture, appliances, clothing and personal items, gardening equipment, lawn equipment, canoes, trailers, cars, trucks, boats, and much more.

Is there anything I shouldn’t store in my storage unit? Do not store FOOD or perishable items of any kind, firearms or other weapons, plants, dangerous materials, illegal or hazardous items, tires, valuables such as jewelry, people or pets (You, anyone else, pets or live animals cannot live in any storage unit at any time. Most units don’t have power for lights, heating or air conditioning. Plus, there is no access to running water or bathroom facilities. Self storage units are essentially metal boxes designed to store your stuff. They are not for living in – which goes against our rental agreement and the law), human or pet remains including ashes from a deceased loved one.

Can I use the dumpster on site? No. The dumpster is reserved for facility management. There will be a $50 dumpster abuse fee for anyone found dumping large items or multiple contents into or around the dumpster. The dumpster is under 24 hour video surveillance.

Do you have climate controlled units?  We do not currently have climate controlled units.

Are there outlets in the units? No, a small number of units may have a light bulb but our rental prices do not reflect the use of electric.